“The human body is not an instrument to be used, but a realm of one's being to be experienced, explored, enriched and, thereby, educated.”

 - Thomas Hanna

What isHanna Somatic Education

 Hanna Somatic Education is a safe, gentle, and common sense approach to eliminating chronic muscle pain for the long term. Founded on the work of Thomas Hanna, PhD, it’s the only sensory motor training method that shows you how to reverse the root cause of most chronic muscle pain. Through simple movements, you’ll learn how to relax the muscles that contribute to your pain and gain strategies for managing it in the future.



I am a curious and passionate person with a thirst for knowledge and conscious embodied experience. As a somatic movement educator my approach is one of inquiry and investigative exploration, both within my personal practice as well as my work clinically and in a classroom. My offerings are a culmination of the tools that have served me in the last decade towards health and integration.


Main Touch Wellness

20 W. Main

Spokane Washington


Tel: 509-979-0117

email: stefani@solfulsomatics.com



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