"Somatic Healing addresses old patterns in the body that need to learn new ways, and Stefani can teach it how. You'll be amazed at the results."

"Stefani is amazing. From the moment we first met, I could feel her positive healing presence. She made me feel very at home and comfortable. Is very knowledgeable and explained everything prior. It is amazing how small, minute movements with knowledge and awareness and intention can release so much, not just physical tension, but emotional stagnation as well. I highly recommend giving Stefani a chance to help you heal any ailment you may have. I look forward to my next session with her."

Julie B. 

"I've practiced yoga for years and have also tried out other modalities in search of relief for back pain, arthritic joints, etc, but the work with Stefani and Hanna Somaticss has been a game changer. I have had the fortunate opportunity of recieving Somatic instruction from Stefani in both a class setting and a 1:1 setting. Both experiences have benefited me in mutiple, endurable ways including less pain and improved overall wellbeing. The 1:1 sessions afforded a more in-depth focus that really made a difference for me. the wisdom, intuitiveness and encouragement Stefani brings to her teaching are true gifts and afford long lasting results. Forever grateful!!!"

Cheri M.

A Hanna Somatic session with Stefani wakes my brain up to muscles I have ignored for many years When it is over I feel renewed and rejuvinated with my mind and body working together in Harmony." Joyce V

"During the private sessions I had with Stefani, I felt completely held in the care of a skilled practitioner.  I was in the midst of a painful and scary injury and the somatic education approach was helpful and calming. It was fascinating to explore the brain/body connection at such an in depth and experiential level. I am deeply appreciative of Stefani’s passion and commitment to the method.   She helped establish a foundation from which I could start to heal at a very deep level."

J.G.   Spokane, WA

"My first introduction to Somatics was through a Soma Flow class taught by Stefani. I was doubtful that I would like the class as I prefer a more vigorous work out but I was doing a 30 day challenge at the studio she worked at and found myself in her class. 

When I walked into class there was a ball of anxiety lodged in my throat and by the end of class it had completely dissolved and I felt lighter than I had in years. Part of the ‘magic’ was Stefanie’s soothing voice and beautifully played crystal bowls but the other part was the seemingly simple moves, Somatics, that unfurled the tension I was holding in my body. 

I began taking the Soma Flow class twice a week and found that it was working my smaller muscle groups that had become dependent on the large muscles around it. I would experience the hurt so good feeling of sore muscles that were so deep inside they had not been flexed for some time. I began experiencing the mental healing from anxiety that has always been present and I really gained tools on how to relax my body and mind. 

I have had an ongoing issue with an unruly pelvis and when it shifted out of place, I combined my normal chiropractic care with private Somatic sessions with Stefani. The difference was a pelvis that now stays in place! For years I have been seeing a Chiropractor for my tilted pelvis but this time, with Somatic’s, I was able to develop the muscles required to keep my pelvis in place after the adjustment. 

I must say that finding Stefani and her practice of Somatics has changed my life, body mind and soul. I would highly recommend her healing hand, whether it’s through private sessions or her classes, to anyone who needs to relax and heal. "

Katie G

"I have had chronic neck and back pain for almost all of my life. Even as a young teenager I would get "stiff necks" that totally incapacitated me. I would see a chiropractor to ease the pain, sometimes as often as 3 times per week. If I experienced relief, it was always temporary. Ever since being introduced to Hanna Somatic Education with Stefani my relationship to my body and my "bad neck" has changed completely. Through the somatic practices and 1:1 sessions with Stefani my chronic and recurring pain is GONE. Stefani's skill and knowledge of this amazing modality is extensive and powerful. I recommend HSE to anyone wishing to eliminate chronic pain and create a positive and holistic awareness of their body."

"Stefani's treatments are gentle, calming yet very effective. It has helped me so much to learn to relieve (and prevent recurrence) of my neck and back pain/tightness as well as helped me regain mobility in my hand after a nasty wrist fracture. I'm so thankful!" Linda G

"About 2 years ago I was in a motor vehicle accident and sustained injuries to my neck and back. My neck injuries cause a lot of neurological issues in my shoulders, arms and hands. I've had therapies such as chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy of which Chiro and massage provided temporary relief of pain but nothing helped with my mobility. I decided to give hanna somatics with Stefani a try and I was shocked at the results of just one session. During the session, you are naturally encouraged to increase your range of mobility rather than forced and have no idea how hard your body worked until day 2 or 3 after the session when you notice a good soreness. The kind of soreness that you get from a good workout or gym session. My body kept the memory of mobility for weeks after just one session. I can't wait until school and life slow down a bit so that I can go regularly because I know that this is the therapy that I've been longing for to change my everyday well being. Thank you Stefani!!!" Miranda P

 "The process is intentional and slow, using the breath work and slow directed movement. At the beginning I felt really relaxed. As we continued deeper, I could sense and feel that I was using energy that I had not tapped in some time. We were targeting specifically my neck and shoulders. It was not until two days later that I noticed the old stress points in my neck are GONE!! It has been over 10 years since the accident and I have not been free of that pain until now! I was very surprised and so so grateful. I do the exercises on my own once a week to the best of my memory. Thank you Stefani for offering your gifts to our community! It was certainly a blessing for me!" Susan H

"There is a special magic taking place when we meet someone who is truly serving their life's purpose. They simply become vessels, acting for the pure joy of honing their craft and helping others. Such is Stefani and the somatic process. She is intuitive, talented and focused. Her work is a result of the rare union between the masculine intellect and the feminine intuitive understanding of her clients' physical and emotional bodies. Try her out, you won't regret." Aerez B

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